The company

BRS HIGH FIDELITY SPARE PARTS S.R.L. since 1953 it guarantees its customers a high level of support in the choice of alternative and interchangeable spare parts for high-tech painting plants.

The high company know-how, from the design of the mold to the realization of the finished product, together with the most suitable processing techniques with technologically advanced systems and the constant and scrupulous quality control, they guarantee the quality of its spare parts certified according to ISO 9001: 2015, Unique in ITALY!

BRS HIGH FIDELITY SPARE PARTS S.R.L. pays special attention to the needs and satisfaction of its customers, and is fully aware of the fact that its customers do not only require a supplier, but and above all, a business partner that is both secure and reliable. The company’s main aim is that of always offering a product and service which is both innovative and competitive at the same time, in response to a flexible and changing market.

Establishing a close relationship with the customers, understanding their requirements and conveying value through information and support.

Our aim is to create efficient, clear and reliable links, in order to reach increased quality levels, both with the suppliers and the customers to gain the trust of both parties.

Our mission requires the collaboration of smart, dynamic and responsible people who demonstrate spirit and the will to constantly improve. Our personnel is aware that the company’s main goal is to satisfy the customer’s requirements and to be able to offer alternative solutions if necessary.

It is our responsibility to keep every corporate process under control in order to eliminate unnecessary waste, reduce costs and improve performance.

If you wish to know more about our prices and our program schedule please send us your request, we will be glad to let you have a non-binding offer.

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