Certification EN ISO 14001

Policy for the Environmental Management System of the primary aims to minimize risks to the environment and lead to better environmental performance, ensuring correspondence with the requirements of the EN ISO 14001 . All events arising from the production company that could lead to environmental impacts are even minimally significant environmental risks to be considered. BRS HIGH FIDELITY SPARE PARTS S.R.L., based on the fundamental principle above, described the type of appropriate organization.

BRS HIGH FIDELITY SPARE PARTS S.R.L. is committed to continuous improvement of quality standards of specific organizational system for the prevention of environmental hazards.

To achieve the objectives set out in the Environmental Policy intend to develop the following aspects of:

  • maximum enhancement courses internal and external training in order to qualify and make the players aware company on environment and the prevention of risks that can generate negative environmental impacts;
  • development of a program and procedures to conduct periodic audits of Environmental Management System by auditors (internal or external) who are in a situation of objectivity and impartiality to the company and the company figures;
  • development of a system of external communication in order to make effective and efficient implementation of existing environmental standards;
  • the organization is committed to the continued compliance with all laws and regulations that are directly related to the environmental aspects of its activities;
  • continuous improvement of regarding the flow of internal communication;
  • creation of new business figures that the control and coordination of the environmental management system specifically educated and empowered in the production cycle;
  • desire to tap into resources information systems using the mass media more advanced in order to plan its Environmental Management Policy in harmony with the most modern approaches to global environmental;
  • the organization provides procedures to document all the processes considered to be hazardous to the environment and plans to document all the possible resolutions to limit environmental damage;
  • the organization provides procedures to preserve documents produced;
  • the organization provides procedures to ensure maximum transparency of processes;
  • the organization plans to proceed periodically review by the Directorate General and the identification of its environmental management system in order to identify possible actions to improve and implement.

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